Lorene (aka Lori) Shyba MFA PhD

In no particular order, I have been a book and magazine publisher/editor/designer, web and videogame developer, international theatre impresario, video producer, advertising art director, TV talent, and digital art curator, sports car enthusiast; parent, and rancher – things that overall have contributed to an exciting life of creative knowledge building. This “do it all” profile has been great for keeping on top of the production and training curve of art and media.

My PhD is in the Communications/Humanities field of Interactive Media from the University of Calgary. My doctoral case study was the forum theatre event “Spies in the Oil Sands,” and its spin-off computer game “The Pipeline Pinball Energy Thrill Ride Game” which, as I look back at it,not only bult new knowledge in theory and methodology of media exploration, but also identified the challenges and rewards of living the good life in Alberta. This doctoral work won me the J.B. Hyne Award for Innovation in Research and the Trevithick Book Prize from the University of Calgary and it has been published into a book entitled “Beyond Fun and Games.”

I am a currently a research adjunct with the University of Calgary in the School of Creative and Performing Arts and also associate publisher and editor of Calgary-based Durance Vile Publications Ltd.; recent publications being Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers, and 5000 Dead Ducks: Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands. I live sometimes in Calgary and sometimes in southwest Montana on a spread we call "Pepper Ranch."

My current project is Book Two in the True Cases Series called Shrunk: Crime and Disorders of the Mind -- true cases by forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, scheduled for release in May 2016. You can get more info about my books and publishing endeavours at durancevile.com.

For whatever reason you have made your way to this page about me, I hope to have some contact with you soon. You can always email me.

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